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The information contained on this page is aimed at Exhibitors, Traders, Living History Groups & Public Camping who remain on site at any point during the show weekend.  Some sections of this page will be relevant to different groups (living history, military vehicle, campers & traders).  This page is for everyone on site and not just leaders/bookers.

This information applies to all Exhibitors, Traders, Living History Groups & Public Campers and it is the responsibility of the booking person to ensure that all members of their booking are aware of these rules.

Before Arriving

It is important that you check your confirmation.  This can be done by checking the confirmation email that was sent to you when you booked.  The information contained in this email is what we rely on to check you onto the showground so missing or incorrect information will result in a delay in you getting on site.

You can correct this information yourself by logging in to your online account at using the email address and password when you made your booking (a password reset option is available if needed).  Logging in will show you the current information we hold for your booking and you can amend the details yourself.

If you have any difficulties you can make contact with us via the contact us page on our website and we can update the information for you.  Once we have updated the information we will always send you a new confirmation of this to confirm the changes.

Getting to the showground

Entrance for all Exhibitors, Traders, Military Vehicles & Campers will be via Yellow Gate 6

The Post Code for Yellow Gate 6 is ME14 3HB
The What Three Words Code for Yellow Gate 6 is ///view.awoke.outsize

You will be directed on arrival to check-in (see below)

Arrivals on site are as follows:

            Traders                                    From Midday on Thursday 22nd August.2024
            Military Vehicles                      From Midday on Thursday 22nd August.2024
            Re-enactment Groups            From Midday on Thursday 22nd August.2024
            Public Camping                      From 9am on Friday 23rd August.2024

We realise that people travel a great distance to get to Military Odyssey, but we have limited parking available at booking in, and we cannot allow queueing onto the main roads. 

Check in

We worked on the check in system from last year.  Check in will all be in the same location for all Exhibitors, Traders, Military Vehicles & Campers.  Please follow directions on arrival.

When checking in it will help us to have the following information with your:

  –  Booking ID as quoted on your booking confirmation.
  –  The Group, Trading or Lead person name on the booking
  –  The Name of everyone checking in at that time (not the whole group)
  –  The Registration Number of each vehicle checking in at that time (not all of them)

Having this information to hand will ensure a speedy check-in.

Check-in will be open:

Thursday:        12:00 – 23:00
Friday:             07:00 – 22:00
Saturday:        07:00 – 09:00 (note cars must be off site by 09:00)

If you arrive on site outside of these times, you will be parked up by security and need to await the opening of check-in.

Support Vehicles

On show days all non-exhibit vehicles MUST BE OFF SITE NO LATER THAN 08:45 Any support or non-authorised vehicles that remain on site after this are subject to removal.  Vehicles must be parked in the designated parking space for your area & must display a Vehicle Pass, which is obtainable from Booking in.  Passes must be displayed upright so the pass can be read from outside the vehicle.

Traders: We ask that once you have unloaded that you consider your fellow traders and move your vehicle to the designated Trader parking area, this helps us with traffic flow around site.


Living History Groups: Please help us to ensure your display looks at authentic as possible and ensure support vehicles are parked in the designated parking area.

It helps us if you move your vehicle rather than wait to be asked to move!

Military Vehicle Fields

The Military Vehicle Field is a green camping field only.  All non-military vehicles must be removed to the support car park before 0845 on showdays.  

We ask that you move your vehicle rather than wait to be asked to move it.

On Site Speed Limit

The onsite speed limit of 10mph must be always adhered to.  Marshals and the Security team will be monitoring this.

Vehicle Movement During Show Days

Military Odyssey & the Kent Events Centre operates NO VEHICLE MOVEMENT at all unless authorised by show HQ.  This applies throughout the duration of the show.  Drivers must always obey instructions from marshals & show officials.  Driving Recklessly and not obeying rules is prosecutable at this type of event under section 1, 2 & 3 (as amended) of the Road Traffic Act 1991.


E-Scooters are not permitted to be used in the showground.  Anyone found using them will have them confiscated by security and returned to you on leaving the showground.

Vehicle Passes

Vehicle passes must be always displayed on your vehicle for the duration of the show. Any vehicle on site found not to be displaying a vehicle pass will be subject to removal.


Military Odyssey has several air movements and as such has a NOTAM in place issued by the Civi Aviation Authority (CAA).  In line with the CAA Drone Code Military Odyssey is considered a crowded place.  Therefore, Military Odyssey in line with any published NOTAM is a restricted fly zone and any flights would need to be authorised by Military Odyssey HQ.


Personal wrist bands MUST BE WORN whilst on the showground and remain on throughout the show.  If you require more wristbands than your allocated amount, they can be purchased in advance on our website or by visiting show HQ when on site.  Should your wristband break or snap you need to return parts of the the broken wristband to Military Odyssey HQ to be exchanged for another.


The only fires allowed are for Living History groups.  If you build a fire you will need to de-turf the ground and return as found.  Any ground damage not repaired resulting in a charge from the showground WILL be passed on.  No fires can be left unattended at any time.  Off ground BBQs are permitted providing they are always supervised whilst alight.

Pyrotechnics & Black Powder

The use of Pyrotechnics and/or Fireworks without authorisation of Military Odyssey HQ is strictly forbidden.

Anyone bringing Pyrotecnics & Black Powder onto site must pre-register this fact with Military Odyssey HQ prior to arrival & follow the detailed plans laid out for its storage whilst on site.

You must also be in posession of the required licenses at all times.

Dogs & Animals

If you wish to bring your dog, please ensure that they are kept on a lead at all times & that any waste is cleaned up immediately in an appropiate bag.  Military Odyssey has a number of battles around the site which can result in explosions and gunfire without warning, please ensure your Dog is happy with this and that it will not cause them any discomfort.


Please place all rubbish in large the litter skips around the show ground.  All boxes must be broken down.

Fire cylinders (i.e., from portable barbeques) must not be placed in these bags or bins

Please ensure that all rubbish is placed into these bins when you vacate site.

Traders Marquees

If you have arranged for a marquee to be erected, please instruct the company you have booked to arrive from Thursday noon onwards and NOT BEFORE as the pitches may not be completed on marking out and they may be turned away.

Anyone booking a marquee via Military Odyssey, we aim to have these in place by Noon on Thursday.


There are three bar locations around site.

Main Bar: Located in the Emson Building which is open daily until Midnight and provides evening entertainment Friday, Saturday & Sunday (see the program for full details).

Arena Bar: is located next to the Arena and provides light entertainment in the evenings.  This bar will close by 2330 each evening.

Battlefield Bar: Location on the battlefield and will close when the show does at 18:00 (approx.)

Full details of the entertainment program at these locations will be in the show program.

Bladed Weapons

Traders: Please note that traders selling AIRSOFT weapons that do NOT conform to current legislation run the risk of having their goods confiscated.  There are police, firearms officers, and customs officers on site over the weekend, so be warned.

For traders selling any bladed, airsoft, replica, or de-activated weapons, please ensure that the goods are placed in suitable bag / packaging and that the packaging is SEALED, and the customer is informed NOT to open the item until they are off the show ground premises.

If any customer is found to be brandishing such an item, and no instructions were given to the customer, the trader will be given a warning.  If it is found that the trader is having to receive a further warning, this may result in that trader being asked to leave and will not be welcome back to the event or future events.

These rules are for everyone’s safety – your customers, the public, staff, and yourselves.  We do not want any injuries.

Cash Machines

Should you or your customers need cash, there are ATMs on site shown on the map as ATM Cash Point and are also marked on every site map around the show ground and in the show programme.


Generators must confirm to the current Health & Safety Regulations and the Electricity at Work Act applies to earthing.  Generators must be turned to later 23:00 and not started until after 0800

Fire Extinguishers

Outdoor Trader: Are required to have an up-to-date serviced working Fire Extinguisher and spot checks will be carried out during the show.

Other Exhibitors: It is recommended that you have an up-to-date serviced working Fire Extinguisher on your pitch.

Trader Registration

Traders in trade in Previously owned/Second-hand goods in Kent, should be registered with the Kent County Council under the Kent Act 2001.  If you are not registered, we advise you do so before the event.  It is a very quick, free and simple process and your registration lasts for four years.  It is your responsibility to ensure you are registered which you can do online at or by telephoning the Registration and Information Centre on 03000 41 51 51 (9am to 5pm weekdays)  Any goods sold at the show (new or old) are sold at the sole responsibility of the trader.


Traders are reminded that they can only sell items that have been declared to Military Odyssey on their application.  Traders selling any items not declaired on registration may be requested to remove them.  Traders are also reminded that if they are selling restricted items (weapons, blades, etc..) that they must have the required licenses in place for the duration of the show to allow them to sell these items & the licenses must be available for inspection by show officials & enforment authorities on request.

Indoor Trader Hall

Traders in the indoor trader’s hall should note that the show closes at 18:00 daily.  On Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings, the building will be CLOSED and LOCKED by security at 18:30.  Please ensure that you have vacated the building by this time.  The building will be unlocked and open from 8am each trading Day (Saturday, Sunday & Monday).  Although there will be security guarding this building constantly throughout the night.  Military Odyssey DO NOT insure your property. It is left at your discretion and risk. Please also note that the building is NOT secure on Monday evening. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you have a member of your staff in the building at this time as anyone is allowed in, and trading can resume immediately. It is at your discretion whether you leave your stock laid out or packed away the night before.

Tobacco & Alcohol

It is prohibited for any trader to sell tobacco or alcohol without appropriate licences and the written permission of Military Odyssey HQ.

Jim's Store @ Gate 4

Again the onsite store run by one of our team for your own onsite supplies.  Why not relax on site & let someone else take the strain.  Orders and preorders are available either by visiting the shop, calling or texting 07702 877 719.

The shop is open:

Thursday         1800 – 2100
            Friday              1300 – late*
            Saturday         0800 – 1330 & 1500 – late*
            Sunday            0800 – 1330 & 1500 – late*
            Monday           0800 – 1330 & 1500 – late*

If you need something and can’t see it always ask as we can take orders for items.

Public Camping

Only vehicles are designated to be parked on the campsite will be allowed to do so.

Your pitch is 5m x 5m if your camper, tent, or area exceeds this you will be asked to pay additional according to the number of 5m x 5m pitches you occupy.

If you have any questions the Campsite Marshal will guide you to where you need to be.

Media Team

Military Odyssey have several photographers & film crews on site this year, to help us build a better event for the future.  We would ask all Military Vehicle Owners, Traders & Living History Groups to help them, help us make a better and bigger show for you.

We ask that you engage with them and given them a short interview / talk about your group, vehicle, or trade.  In doing so you will only grow the show for us all to enjoy.

In An Emergency

Security, Fire & Medical services are on site and located together, these locations will be manned 24 hours a day.   

In case of an emergency they can be contacted by visiting their location clsoe to the main bar hall or by calling 0330 124 8060 and selecting the appropriate option; 2 for security, 3 for fire & 4 for Medical.  You will then be directed to the on duty mobile for whom you select.  Additional security points are at the main entrance and the exhibitors entrance and these are also manned 24 hours a day.  Due to the varst size of Military Odyssey, the security team also have a dog patrol on site overnight to help manage this.  Please therefore keep your animals secure overnight.

During the working day the show office will also be available on this number.

We ask that if you see an emergency vehicle heading your way with blue lights flashing then please give them room.

And Finally.....

We sincerely wish you have an enjoyable weekend and a prosperous trading period.

If you have any queries or questions, please seek assistance from a Marshal or contact the Military Odyssey HQ on 0330 124 8060 Its far easier to fix issues on site rather than after we have all gone home so the sooner you let us know the sooner we can attempt to fix things.

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