Vietnam War


Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a counter-conflict between South Vietnam and the United States, augmented by the North Vietnam government through a long, divisive conflict.
The Vietnam War was started because the United States provided funding and training to the South Vietnam military and government, considering the Vietnams partition into the democratic South and the communist North.
In 1961, tension escalated between democratic South Vietnam and communist North Vietnam. United States president John F Kennedy increased his military aid program to South Vietnam’s government.
This aid included the president altering the increment of funding and arms through the commitment of the United States military to the Vietnam region.
After the assassination of Kennedy, his successor Lyndon B. Johnson increased the number of U.S. soldiers in the South of Vietnam.
The Vietnam War was triggered by the spread of communism, which included restrictions on human rights, political repression, totalitarianism, poor economic performance, and cultural censorship.
The American containment caused the Vietnam War through their National strategy of containment that required the United States to halt the communist aggression experienced in Southeast Asia.
Who won the Vietnam War is a continuing debate that varies depending on the definition of the victory attained in Vietnam. Those who point out that the United States won the war associate the victory with the defeat met against the communist forces.
The U.S. victory in the Vietnamese war is calculated by the aspect ratio number of casualties being fewer than those of their opponents.
The United States military recorded 58,220 deaths, with the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong records varying in broad ranges.
Those who claim the United States indicate that the Americans aimed to prevent the communist regional takeovers, which meant they failed after the two regions united in July 1979 under the banner of communists. The domestic unrest and economic war costs made the withdrawal of troops from the region mandatory, with Cambodia and Laos falling to the communists.

he recorded Vietnamese war dead is estimated by the number of people who died during the war; 2 million non-combatants on equal sides of Vietnam, 1.1 million Viet Cong, and North Vietnamese troops.

The United States indicated that between 200,000 and 250,000 South Vietnamese militaries were murdered, with 58,300 U.S. armed soldiers dying or missing. South Korea, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand registered 4,000,350, 5000, and three dozen individuals.

The Vietnam War ended in 1973 when the United States and North Vietnam engaged in a harmony treaty that allowed them to end open hostilities between the two nations.

Although the peace agreement ended the cessation of fire between South and North Vietnam, the treaty did not end their conflicts.

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