Wild West

Wild West

Wild West, also known as the Old West or the American frontier, comprises the geography, history, culture and folklore, and culture of the American expansion, which began in the 17th century and ended in 1912. In this era, the European saw the colonial settlement in North America admitting western territories s states. American frontier referred to the border that was marked by European settlers. The Wild West era is characterized by the European settlers who moved from their original settlement at the Atlantic coast. President Thomas Jefferson encouraged massive migration and settlement, which marked this era with the acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase, which resulted in an upsurge of the expansionists’ attitude and the historians known as the Frontier Thesis. The 1860s-1890s gave birth to the Wild West era period, marked by Indians, cowboys, outlaws, pioneers, and gunslingers who came together through expansion, reinvention, greed, and defense. Wild West originated from the lawlessness of the territories west of the Mississippi River, which was untamed.

The Wild West era began in 1697 to 1920, marked by the western part of the United States, where towns and cities began to develop. During this period, much violence was triggered by the great migration and expansion, starting a rivalry between the Native Americans and the new individuals arriving.

Despite the increase of violence indicated during the Wild West era and increased human costs due to migration and expansion, western development presented an opportunity to most White Americans. The Wild West was important to the majority of white Americans because it provided access to the land of the West, which offered relief and promise of prosperity and independence to those willing to encounter the challenges of frontier life. Life in the Wild West was characterized by individuals taking mining jobs rather than spending time with the livestock. Although life in the Wild West era has been glamorized, life as a cowboy was not easy because one could not settle in one place. Many cowboys had to travel wide to search for employment, and the wages lacked any regulation. Life in the Wild West era was characterized by hardship and meagre wages at the best time.

The Wild West was a land of no laws, no courts, no government, and this resulted in an easy lay for criminals who were escaping punishment for other accounts, some who took advantage of the land not having laws, and a few of them who wanted to start over. Due to lack of governance, the West was indeed wild, associated with gunfights and bank robberies experienced during the era. The absence of a structured law system in the Wild West led many European settlers to pass judgments themselves. The military kept law and order in the Wild West and the vigilante group of collected individuals. Though the president encouraged the expansion and migration of the European settlers from the Atlantic area, the government later broke its promise to the individuals. It took control of American Indians acreage until the tribes with the reservation parts.

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